JavaDoc Annotation Types

Here is A list with essential Javadoc annotation type:
@author the author.
{@code} without processing HTML styles
@deprecated a class or member is deprecated.
{@docRoot} the root directory of the current documentation.
@exception an exception thrown by a method.
{@inheritDoc} a comment from the immediate superclass.
{@link} an in-line link to another topic.
{@linkplain} an in-line link to another topic, but the link is displayed in a plain-text font.
{@literal} without processing HTML styles.
@param a method's parameter.
@return a method's return value.
@see a link to another topic.
@serial a default serializable field.
@serialData Documents the data written by the writeObject( ) or writeExternal( ) methods.
@serialField an ObjectStreamField component.
@since release date.
@throws Same as @exception.
{@value} a static field value of a constant.
@version class version.
@author CR_Dev
@version 1.0
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