Collection FrameWork and Explain

Interface                  Implemented
1. Set                           HashSet, LinkedHashSet, EnumSet
2. SortedSet                          TreeSet
3. List                          Vector, Stack, ArrayList, LinkedList
4. Queue                      PriorityQueue, LinkedList
5. Map                        Hashtable, HashMap, LinkedHashMap, WeakHashMap, IdentityHashMap
6. SortedMap                      TreeMap

Here is a little rules about collections:

1. interfaces = the abstract data types that the framework supports.
2. implementations =  the concrete versions of these interfaces.
3. algorithms= the predefined actions that can be defined on either the interfaces or their implementations, Like: Cloneable.
1. All implementations are unsynchronized.
2. All implementations are serializable and cloneable.
3. All implementations support having null elements.
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